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Jennifer Filipowicz
Cast show of the Orville

Yesterday saw the tv premier of Seth McFarlane’s Sci Fi Comedy series ‘The Orville’. I’ve yet to see a good review. Everyone from Enertainment Weekly to CNN has lambasted the show as shameless recreation of Star Trek that fails at being funny. While I agree that the comparisons to Star Trek are inescapable, wouldn’t the […]

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04 Sep 2017

The 6th Day – Retro review

The 6th Day, an otherwise forgettable Schwarzenegger flick from the year 2000, will always have a special place in my heart. It is the first movie my husband and I saw together (on arguable our first official date). I can’t remember whose choice this was. I was really into cloning at the time and Adam […]

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01 Sep 2017


The second day of our camping trip didn’t start off great. The kids were in the middle of ruining the serenity of a morning canoe jaunt (they dislike canoeing and tend to treat it as though it were a boring car ride instead of the awesome treat it is). ¬†Finally I lost my cool, declared […]

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