Jennifer Filipowicz is an enthusiastic graphic designer with a background in writing, copy-editing and visual arts. After graduating from the University of Toronto with an honours degree in art and professional writing, Jennifer worked as a freelance writer and copy-editor.

She earned a certificate in magazine publishing from Ryerson University before taking time off to raise her two children. While working as a stay-at-home mother, Jennifer found time to write the 2013 science fiction novel Wardroids.

In 2014, she began attending Mohawk College for graphic design in the hopes of restarting her career.  There, she developed a passion for graphic design, achieving dean’s list recognition while confidently accepting several freelance projects. Jennifer graduated from Mohawk with honours in 2017.

Jennifer’s editorial background sets her apart from other graphic designers as she is able to take a holistic approach, ensuring that visuals and copy work together smoothly.